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    A Powerful Community That Inspires All People, Awakening Their Legends Within.

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    We Unleash Your Passion.

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Spin and Yin Studio

Welcome to The Studio

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Our studio is newly designed and developed for you to have a space where you can Unleash Your Passion, Awakening Your Legend Within! When our studio lights turn off and the candle lights turn on you will feel like you are working out on a dance floor.

We have Created a space where you can get all your favorite workouts done in one boutique. Stop going to four different gyms to create a routine for yourself. Come to Spin + Yin Cycle and Mindfulness Studio to find your Body | Mind | Spirit balance.  SPIN, YOGA, PILATES, BARRE

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  • 30/THIRTY


>This is the class for our Legends that want the best of both worlds. Start with a 30 minute Legendary Spin Class done in a dark room with loud music and high energy, Followed by a THIRTY minute Barre Class. The Barre class will be done in a dimmed room with music and high energy!!

All levels of fitness welcome.

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Barre Class Burnaby


Legends Barre is a high-energy, fun and challenging workout that will get your heart rate up, lift, tone and tighten all the right areas period.

“See you at the Barre”

All fitness levels are welcome.

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Barre Class Burnaby


>Master Flow + Yin is done in a candle lit room with enjoyable music that will take you on a journey to freedom and happiness, It will help you forget about the outside world so you can feel at one. Enjoy a full-on release through targeted yoga poses integrated with props to further ease tired/fatigued mind + body. This is a one hour class that consists of a 30 minute Flow followed by a 30 minute Yin (stretch) class.

Not stretching creates the opportunity for a injury to occur. Stay injury Free! Add this class to your weekly routine.

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Barre Class Burnaby


>Saddle up for the ultimate 45-minute cardio experience. During our Legendary Spin classes, expect to be pushed to your limit with a series of choreographed moves and high-intensity interval training. This dance party will boost your endurance while strengthening and toning of your entire body.

All fitness levels are welcome.

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Barre Class Burnaby


>Pilates + Barre is done in a dimmed classroom with energetic music taught by passionate instructors. In this one hour class you will be put through a full body work out that will leave you feeling strengthened, lengthened , toned and energized.

All Fitness Levels are welcome.

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Barre Class Burnaby


Mindfulness Meditation is a Thirty minute class, This class is done on your mat in a dark candle lit room. With the soft music on in the background and the warm temperature of the room this class will relax and rejuvenate your Body, Mind, Spirit.

Add this amazing class to your routine today.

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Barre Class Burnaby

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Spin and Yin Testimonials
Yoga Classes Reviews

I have truly found my Spinning Class Sanctuary. Thank you, Spin City Cycle Studio!
I love the fact that there are so many convenient indoor cycling classes available…

Nicole D. Paolino

Spin and Yin Testimonials
Yoga Classes Reviews

Very impressed with this new Spin studio. Keep in mind it’s the only one in Burnaby. My favorite spin instructor has to be Samantha. She does Monday and Thursday evenings….


Spin and Yin Testimonials
Yoga Classes Reviews

Modern studio with great instructors!

Zorana Nairon

@spinandyin follow us

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