Jenn H.

Jenn H.

Instructor Level – Beginner
Class Style – Endurance/Power (Endurance Spin)

Your background of fitness / experience:
I have been involved in health and fitness my entire life! Throughout my youth, I was an elite soccer and field hockey player. The skills I learned on the field have translated to all aspects of my life. Through sports, I have learned the value in hard work, self-discipline, and the importance of teamwork. In University, I moved away from the field into long distance running, indoor cycling, and yoga. Yoga especially has supported me through some trying times. When life gets crazy, finding breath and embracing the present can help you achieve anything.

Your love / passion for why you do what you do at Spin + Yin:
I love helping others challenge their body and mind. Spin + Yin gives me the opportunity to be creative and truly responsive to the wants and needs of our diverse community.

Favourite Colour: Black
Horoscope: Taurus
Fun Fact: When I am not instructing classes, I am spending time with my mini dachshund, Baxter.