Nora W.

Nora W.

Instructor Level – Beginner
Class Style – Choreographed (Legendary Spin)

Your background of fitness / experience:
I kick-boxed for 6 years (almost went competitive 😉 managed a kickboxing gym and have been spinning for over 4 years!

Your love / passion for why you do what you do at Spin + Yin:
Where else can you get super fit, feel motivated, AND workout to awesome music! Leading these classes allows me to watch first hand the amazing progress our patrons make while also enjoying the experience myself! I’ve met a lot of great people at spin and yin that push me to grow every time I clip into that bike; I want to share that feeling with every student I teach and hopefully they have fun as much as I do riding here!

Favourite Colour: Orange!
Horoscope: Taurus
Fun Fact: I have two degrees in biology and geology (I thought I was going to be a Palaeontologist, but didn’t we all after Jurassic Park) I’m currently working on a masters in geology studying landslides.