Tiana M.

Tiana M.

Instructor Level – Advanced
Class Style – Choreographed (Legendary Spin)

Your background of fitness / experience:
I was always active growing up. I played soccer, volleyball, track & field, basketball, was a dancer for events such as the Grey Cup and competed at a national level in diving. These days, I stay active by attending bootcamps, personal training sessions, and classes at Spin + Yin.

Your love / passion for why you do what you do at Spin + Yin:
Legendary Spin classes combine my love for dance with my passion for spinning! My goal with any class I teach is to make the workout feel like a party. I want my classes to be the thing that people look forward to their day, and I want them to leave my classes feeling fabulous and stronger than they were the day before.

Favourite Colour: Purple! It symbolizes power – something I hope to bring out of those who attend my classes.
Horoscope: Aquarius
Fun Fact: During the day, I work in marketing!