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Spin + Yin was created for the people that found it tough to have multiple memberships at multiple facilities to find their balance. 1-on-1 personal training can be intimidating and cost a lot of money. Here at Spin + Yin we offer group fitness at its finest. Spin | Yoga | Pilates Fusion classes that will leave you feeling strong and empowered. We have designed a space to make you feel comfortable and that is cost efficient.

At Spin + Yin you get the best access to the main tenets of body health & fitness: Mind | Body | Spirit and Nutrition.

Indoor cycling, a calorie burning, cardio workout paired with a Yoga | Pilates Fusion, a Mind | Body practice of strength, stretch, and inner peace. The two combined may seem like a mismatch but fitness experts say it works.

Spin | Yoga | Pilates are very different activities that complement each other to improve your endurance, strength and flexibility. At Spin +Yin Cycle and Mindfulness Studio, we have designed a key formula to enhance your fitness. Cycling is a cardiovascular intensive, practicing this class two to three times a week, followed by stretching the muscles that have tightened up, allow you to find that perfect balance. Never worry about going to three different gyms to get three different workouts ever again.

SPIN +YIN Cycle and Mindfulness StudioThe benefits of spinning can be to increase your endurance, stamina, strengthen your heart, lift your glutes, and have an incredible full body workout. However this workout can put a strain on muscular health getting overused and tightened overtime. Adding Yoga | Pilates sequences into your fitness routine eases the body back into balance.

The combination of these classes is suitable for cyclist who may not be familiar with Yoga | Pilates.

Muscles that are used should be stretched; muscles not used, strengthened. Create the Yin | Yang within.

There is no boredom in these classes. Come sweat, energize, be apart of this Health Movement.

This is your community!

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