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Spin + Yin was created for the people that found it tough having to have multiple memberships at multiple facilities to find there balance. One on One personal training can be intimidating and cost a lot of money. -Group fitness at its finest. Here at Spin + Yin we offer Spin, Yoga, Pilates class’s that will leave you feeling strong and empowered. We have designed a space to make you feel comfortable and that is cost efficient.

At Spin and Yin you get the best access to the main tenets of body health & fitness: Body, Mind, Spirit and Nutrition.

Pairing indoor cycling’s intense, calorie-busting cardio workout with yoga, the mind-body practice of stretching into inner peace, may seem like a mismatch but fitness experts say it works.

SPIN , Yoga & Pilates are very different activities that complement each other to improve fitness, strength and flexibility. SPIN +YIN Cycle and Mindfulness Studio follow the typical format: “Cycling is so cardio-vascular intense,” We do that two – three times a week then change gears, stretching out the things we tightened up. Or we have made it flexible where you can do a Spin class one day, Yoga classe the next day and our Pilates class the third day. Find your balance here at Spin And yin Cycle And Mindfulness Studio. Never worry about going to three different gyms to get three different workouts ever again.

SPIN +YIN Cycle and Mindfulness Studio Spinning is so one direction, muscles get overused and tight; adding Yoga poses eases the muscles back into balance and improves strength.

The combination of these classes is suitable for cyclers who may be unfamiliar with Yoga or Pilates. You’re not going to perform advanced moves unless your ready to and if you’re spinning consistently, at least two to three times a week, find that balance by incorporating a Yoga or Pilates class two to three times a week.

Yoga emphasizes deep relaxation & restores balance after the stimulating aerobic efforts of cycling targeting specific muscles that were challenged in cycling.

Muscles that are used should be stretched; muscles not used, strengthened. The instructor may guide participants to stretch specific lower body muscles used before and after the cycling workout, such as hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and calves.

No boredom in these classes, You are done before you know it. Come be apart of this Health Movement. This is your community!

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