Our studio is newly designed and developed for you to have a space where you can Unleash Your Passion, Awakening Your Legend Within! When our lights dim and the energy lights turn on you will feel like you are working out on a dance floor. Our amazing sound system has you feel the music in your soul. Once the spin class is complete we move the bikes to the back wall and open the space for your Yoga or Pilates class.

If this is your first experience at Spin + Yin , know that step 1 is to keep your phone in the locker. You won’t need it during the class. You will be motivated by the great music and you will want to be in synch with your instructor.

Arriving early to your class is the hallmark of a Legend.

Be early, get in the zone, treat your body like the temple it is. The better prepared you are the better you will perform.

Have A Positive Attitude & Smile

Being positive during your workout creates a -ceiling approach to performance. Legends lead, just know you can do it and never give up. Smiling makes all pain endurable.

We have complimentary Spin shoes, Yoga/Pilates mats with accessories, Towel service , beautiful washroom with showers. All you have to do is show up and we will take care of the rest.

Remember, your membership gives you access to all of our classes, Spin, Yoga & Pilates.

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