How Working Out Is Good for the Body and the Mind

How Working Out Is Good for the Body and the Mind

Whether you are suffering from the “quarantine 15”, feelings of anxiety and depression, or all of the above, getting back to your favourite yoga studio in Burnaby might just be the solution you need. These have been difficult times for all of us, however as we slowly emerge from relative isolation, we are now able to once again participate in activities that challenge us, bring us joy, and help to build our resolve. Working out is a great way to restore your body and help reinvigorate your mind.

Reduce Stress

Managing work, families, finances, and virus fears is enough to make even the most composed among us begin to feel stressed or anxious. Exercise releases endorphins, a chemical that naturally helps to make you feel good and moderate stress. Intense physical exercise is also a great way to work out frustrations, having an outlet for anger is a great way to help reduce stress.

Increased Energy

Staying close to home, avoiding unnecessary outdoor activities, and social distancing have left us all a little (or a lot) more sedentary than we are used to. This lack of physical activity can leave us feeling mentally and physically lethargic. Regular exercise, however, helps to reduce fatigue, increase stamina, and improve overall mood and well-being. Skip the extra cup of coffee and visit a yoga studio in Burnaby instead.

Better Physical Fitness

If you don’t use it, you lose it. Unfortunately, keeping your body fit, toned, and healthy requires regular maintenance, and if you have been regularly skipping your regular workouts, chances are you’ve noticed changes in your level of physical fitness. Thankfully, it’s time to get back on the horse (or bike, or yoga mat). Enjoy all the physical and mental benefits – increased energy, improved fitness, improved sleep, better mood – that come with regular exercise.

A Chance to Connect – At a Distance

If the only people you have interacted with over the past several months are the ones living in your house, getting back to your yoga studio in Burnaby is a great way to safely interact with other humans again. Socialization is an extremely important part of overall mental health, and even though we must maintain our physical distance, sharing a workout with others is the perfect way to feel like part of a community again.

So get ready for a good morning stretch and downward dog it down to your local yoga studio in Burnaby, your body and your mind will thank you for it.