Spin + Yin Cycle And Mindfulness Studio Is Looking for Spin , Yoga & Pilates Instructors to teach at a brand new fitness boutique in North Burnaby Brentwood.

Yoga & Pilates Instructors:

We are adding to our team of instructors! We need energetic, motivating instructors. We expect strong, motivated individuals who will be given the freedom to design their own programming, choice of music, and general style of teaching!

Spin Instructor:

The style is simple. We will be doing a full body program. Rock with the beat everyone in one sequence while doing sprints, hill climbs, straddling the seat. Also upper body training doing push ups, elbows out, side to side and involving weights, plus so much more.

We are looking for motivating leaders in the fitness industry who want to learn and teach with passion and intensity.

What Legends Are Made Of:

  • You’ve got strong communication and you aren’t afraid to use them
  • Personality is everything. Yours is especially infectious, attractive, and unique; and you aren’t afraid to show it.
  • ABOVE and BEYOND is your anthem. Not only is our customer service outstanding, but YOU go above and beyond for Spin + Yin and our team at all times.
  • Creating a playlist excites you! You love beats that drop hard, run-inspiring EDM; hip-hop, house, pop, you name it as long as it inspires our riders.
  • Work is play for you, and no matter what, you always have a good time!
  • You are a natural leader
  • Ability to count down on the music and distinguish beats
  • A strong desire to create a fun work environment while promoting outstanding customer experiences.
  • An understanding of interval training. What it means and how it plays a role anatomically.
  • Able to design a ride with intensity! Every instructor must be able to bring the heat and make it BURN!
  • Ability to inspire clients, giving them more than just a good sweat.
  • Command and navigate a room of 20 riders.
  • Have your own reliable source of music access. (Ex: laptop, iPad, iPod, computer)
  • Proficient in iTunes,Spotify able to create a playlist that is attractive to our riders

Why Join the Spin + Yin team:

  • We are a community based boutique cycling studio, we want to offer the North Burnaby, Brentwood area community with a fun way to work out and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!
  • We want to empower our team and ensure everyone feels like valued members of the Spin + Yin family.
  • Work at a luxurious equipped state of the art studio.
  • We offer flexibility and competitive pay, with added incentives and bonuses throughout the year.

If This Is You Please Email Us !!!