Karma Slow Flow Classes

Purely for the community-ran by the community. In each Karma class your donation goes to a local charity to help ones who need it. Proceeds will go towards essential care items (food, clothing, shelter) and emotional support and educational services such as The Food Bank, Covenant House, Women’s Shelters and more.

When you come to a Slow Flow Karma Class, you experience a Yin Yoga class where you let your body decompress, let go, relax, and reconnect with your breath. As we take you through a series of flows and stretches, allow your mind to relax from the daily tasks and get back in tune with your body and awareness. This class is 60 mins long led by your Yoga Instructor, Kim who has been well versed in yoga for the last seven years and welcomes all fitness levels.

Please bring your yoga mat, mask, water, and dress in warm, movable, comfortable clothing. We look forward to relaxing with you.

  • 1. Log-into your mindbody account.
  • 2. Click on "ONLINE STORE"
  • 3. Select "Karma Charity Class" on the scroll down menu.
  • 4. Select your donation amount.
  • 5. Purchase your class.
  • 6. Book your class date.
  • 7. And you're ready to zen!

Your Host: Spin+Yin,
Your Yogi Educator: Kim
Your Community: 108-1899 Rosser Ave.


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