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Why do you love teaching your specific style of movement?

I love teaching Yoga and Pilates because these modalities are a practice of mindfulness movement in controlled poses or exercises that synchronize with your breath for a deeper connection to your mind and body. It brings you into a stronger awareness in being present which is so important as most of our minds are so active and busy.

What made you want to become an instructor?

I started my career as a Yoga and fitness instructor because of going through a personal journey of transformation in my health, fitness and wellness. I grew up with a lot of insecurities mentally and physically then in my early twenties I started to make changes in my lifestyle to become more active but it wasn’t until I started practicing Yoga and Pilates that I could see a real shift in my mind and body which is why I became an instructor to share my passion with others!

What’s your favourite hobby?

I have a lot of hobbies which is probably why I’m never bored! My favourite is cooking delicious healthy meals to support my very active lifestyle and gardening connecting to a deeper level in nutrition, sorry that’s two – like I said I have many!

What is your favourite music?

Anything with a great beat to put me into a good mood – 80s 90s Golden Era Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Indie, Electro, Bass.

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