How Mindful Meditation in Burnaby Can Help you Achieve your Fitness Goals

When we talk about our health, a lot of emphasis is placed on our physical health. And while proper diet and exercise is undoubtably important to leading a healthy life, we often neglect the importance that our mental health plays on our overall well-being. Our mind and body are inexorably connected, we can’t truly be the best versions of ourselves without treating both with kindness and respect. One of the best ways to respect the mind is through the practice of meditation, a journey that helps you to clear away the anxiety and stressors plaguing your thoughts, instead taking you to a place of ÔÇ£thoughtless awarenessÔÇØ. But why is meditation so important to your overall health and how can mindful mediation in Burnaby help you train your brain?

Meditation Helps to Reduce Stress and Make You Happier

Meditation can often be difficult for beginners to embrace and that is because we are so accustomed to processing multiple thoughts at the same time. In modern society, multitasking, rushing, stressing have all become normal parts of our daily routine, so much so that the idea of tuning out all the outside noise and being alone with our thoughts can be intimidating. A guided mindful meditation in Burnaby can help teach you to you clam the chaos in your mind and to observe and reflect upon each individual thought passing through your mind, while not becoming fixated on any single one. This process of ÔÇ£thoughtless awarenessÔÇØ will help your brain learn not to become fixated on little day to day problems, but rather to focus on the larger picture. In the absence of stress and negativity, our minds are free to focus on positive feeling and emotions.

But how does this mindfulness translate into a better workout? Once we have learned how be present in the moment, we can approach our workouts with motivation, focused energy, and attention. Mindful meditation does not only happen while seated in a quite room in the lotus position; taking a few moments to situate yourself and clear your mind before a workout will allow you to spend the next 60 focused on your task. Instead of watching the clock and thinking about all the things you need to accomplish outside of your workout, you will be present in the moment and focused only on the task at hand, getting the absolute most out of your fitness training.