Yoga Studio in Burnaby for a New Year, a New You

At age 40, John realised that he needed to change things in his life. John never thought that he would go to a yoga studio in Burnaby. This was not the kind of thing he looked for when he looked for workout programs. However, going to a yoga studio in Burnaby changed his life and his perspective on what yoga is and how it can benefit him. Here is the story of how John came to be in a yoga studio in Burnaby after years of being sceptical about the whole practice. It could be that John’s story makes you think differently about yoga too.

When John realised that he was gaining weight he could not shake off, he took up running. He found the fresh air and solitude of the exercise agreeable. He found it so agreeable that he signed up for a marathon. With a marathon training plan, his running got kicked into an entirely new gear and he soon started feeling the pain of sore and stiff muscles. To counter this, he started stretching after every long run. This became one of his favourite parts of the training, and that is when he thought of yoga for the first time. He thought that maybe Yoga could be a great way to stay limber, as running was not that focused on staying flexible.

John went to a few classes and found that he was wrong. Yoga was not just about staying limber; yoga was about so much more than that. It helped him build up his core strength, and that in turn helped him become a better runner. However, yoga also became the quiet place he got to center himself for the week ahead. Yoga made John a better runner and a calmer and more peaceful person. After John ran his marathon, John felt a great sense of accomplishment. He stopped with the competitive long-distance running but he still kept going to his yoga class. He realised that he enjoyed the yoga class; it gave him the peace he found while running, but without the sore muscles and chafed thighs.

If you have been looking to change your life, it is time to do something you never thought of doing before. Yoga could be the one thing that you did not know was missing from your life. Come to Spin and Yin and let’s find a class that is just right for you.