Why Having a Good Yoga Coach in Vancouver Matters

Why Having a Good Yoga Coach in Vancouver Matters

Yoga is largely individual practice; it is fundamentally about listening to your body and giving it, and your mind, an opportunity to become more self-aware. However, while the purpose of yoga may be about bringing about harmony between your body and mind, having good yoga training in Burnaby, and a good instructor, can vastly improve the journey.

They Empower You

There is no right and wrong when it comes to your yoga practice, it’s all about listening to your body and what it needs in that moment. However, a great yoga instructor will guide you and give you important corrections where needed, will recognize when you need time, and sense when you are ready to be challenged. Helping you to learn to listen to your body’s cues, while offering support and encouragement throughout your practice, are signs of a great yoga teacher.

They Are Prepared

Yoga training in Burnaby is not simply an hour of stretches and postures, it really is a journey, and the difference between a good journey and a great one comes down to preparation. A yoga teacher puts a lot of planning into each class, and the way that they guide their students through postures will significantly impact the experience. A good teacher will prepare a class that caters to various levels and abilities, and will offer modifications where they are needed.

They Are Adaptable

There are many external factors that can influence a class, and it is the teacher’s job to adapt to the needs of the class. Yoga training is not a straight journey, and a good teacher needs to be able to recognize where each individual student is in their practice on that particular day and adjust the class to offer the fullest experience for all students. Observing and adapting to the physical and emotional needs of a group of students is a highly honed skill, and it’s what separates a good yoga teacher from a great one.

They Make a Connection

One of the most significant ways that a great yoga teacher separates themselves from other teachers is through an ability to truly connect with their students. Yoga is a personal, emotional journey, one in which a great deal of trust is placed in the instructor. Forming a genuine connection with the students, through authenticity, humility, and love, allows each individual’s practice to grow.

Yoga training is an individual journey, however the right yoga Vancouver instructor can help you explore your practice further.