Workouts That Burn a Surprising Number of Calories

Workouts That Burn a Surprising Number of Calories

So, let’s start off by saying that there is way more to a great workout than the number of calories burned. Strength, stamina and muscle tone are equally important components of a good, well-rounded workout regime. That said, simple science does show that in order to lose weight, the number of calories out should be greater than the number of calories in, before leveling out in a stable, sustainable manner. If weight loss and better physical fitness are your goals, then here are 4 exercises that burn a surprisingly large number of calories, including jumping rope and spin class in Vancouver.

Jump Rope

Not just fun for kids, jumping rope is actually a great workout and a huge calorie burner. Simple enough to do just about anywhere, jumping rope can burn you up to 10 calories a minute! This doesn’t mean that you have to spend 30 minutes jumping rope without pause, but rather can include jumping rope in-between other types of strength training exercises to keep your heart rate up and your body burning.


Namaste friends, there are so many health benefits to be gained from regular yoga practice, and a great calorie burn is one of them. Most of us may be surprised to see this one on the list, but yoga, particularly flow yoga classes like Vinyasa, can burn up to 600 calories in a 1 hour session. I’m feeling more relaxed already.


If you have never tried a spin class in Vancouver you may be surprised to learn that it’s not just a great lower body workout but rather a great full body burn. The intensity of each class can vary depending on the type of class and the instructor, however during a typical 45 minute class you can expect to burn anywhere from 350-550 calories and leave feeling energized and refreshed.

Strength Training

Women in particular seem to avoid strength training as they fear putting on too much bulk. However, lean, toned muscles are a very important part of a complete physical fitness regimen and are very beneficial to those looking to control their weight. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend hours power lifting heavy weights, but rather find ways to incorporate controlled movements with light weights or resistance into regular workouts, such as yoga or spin class in Vancouver.